Fire Damage Restoration

Our technicians will stabilize your property as soon as they arrive onsite

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ServiceMaster by APC provides fire damage restoration services to fire-damaged homes and businesses in Great Falls, MT. Our restoration contractors will stabilize your property as soon as they arrive onsite to prevent further structural damage. We will then begin the cleaning process, where we clean and restore all items damaged by the fire.


Problems Caused by Fire Damage

Fire causes several different types of damage to the property. The flames themselves cause the primary damage by destroying furnishings and structural elements of the building. Corrosive byproducts, such as soot, smoke, and residue, cause secondary damage by harming building materials and personal belongings. These corrosive byproducts are created by the burning of synthetic materials, which are involved in synthetic fires, the most common type of house fire.

Soot-Smoke Cleaning Great Falls Montana

Types of Fires

  • Protein fire – involves charred and burned material, stove-top grease, and hair and living tissue
  • Wood and paper fire – involves wood or paper products being consumed, any fire where wood structure is present
  • Synthetic fire – involves burned plastic materials, electrical fires, and upholstery furnishing and carpeting being consumed

Regardless of the source, fires create corrosive byproducts that can negatively affect the objects and materials it encounters. Aluminum, marble, brass, chrome, tile, porcelain, and wood can all experience etching and discoloring if affected by soot and this change will become permanent if not addressed. When flooring and furniture materials are burned, they create complex chemical reactions that are harmful and toxic. Our team is properly trained to clean your damaged items and replace materials that are creating dangerous chemicals.

service master fire damage restoration

If your property has fire damage, DO:

  • Contact ServiceMaster Great Falls for our emergency fire damage restoration services
  • Open all doors and windows to air out the property if over 60 degrees
  • Wipe off aluminum, chrome, and porcelain to prevent additional damage
  • Change your air filter’s furnace
  • Place a damp cloth over your return and supply vents to filter soot from the air
  • Completely clean out your refrigerator
  • Throw away food containers
  • Gather smoke-damaged clothes to be cleaned by a dry-cleaner

Water-Damage-Restoration-Inspections ServiceMaster

If your property has fire damage, DO NOT:

  • Touch any surface damaged by soot to avoid further damage from the oils in your hand
  • Attempt to clean upholstery or carpeting
  • Clean any soot damage yourself
  • Use any ceiling fixtures attached to a wet ceiling
  • Use any electronics until a professional has confirmed they are safe

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